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GTA3 iOS Walkthrough Part 6 - Van Heist

Beat the mission "Van Heist" of Grand Theft Auto 3 with this online demo of the third-person adventure from Rockstar Games.


Joey: All right, we're going to hit the payroll van. It leaves the edge of China Town every day. Bullet's won't even dent the van's armor, so get a car and ram it off the road. Now hit it hard, and the punk ass security guards should bail. Then take it to the warehouse at the docks and my guys are going to take over from there. Now it won't be doing its rounds all day, so don't hang around.

Man: There's no need to feel down.

Dispatch: We've got a 774, east of China Town.

Woman 1: Watch it!

Driver: Jesus, get out of my way!

Man 2: Things used to be better.

Policeman 1: You're going down!

Driver: Things used to be better, always trouble.

Policeman 2: This is the LCPD!

Woman 2: Hey!

Man 3: I need some overtime.

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