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GTA3 iOS Walkthrough Part 13 - Chaperone

Beat the mission "Chaperone" of Grand Theft Auto 3 with this online demo of the third-person adventure from Rockstar Games.


Man 1: Me and the fellas need to talk business so you are gonna look after my girlfriend for the evening. Hey, Maria! Move your butt! Dumb broad does this every time. And there she is, the one and only Queen of Sheba. What were you doing up there? Whatever it was, I bet it cost me money!

Maria: Well, you don't think I hang around for the conversation, do you?

Man 1: Get in the car! And keep your big mouth shut. Take the limo, but bring it back in one piece. You hear me? And watch her, she can be trouble.

Maria: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sure your new lap dog has everything covered. And isn't he big and strong? Hey Fido, let's go visit Chico and get some party treats. He's at the rail station at the Chinatown waterfront I think.

Chico: Hey Maria! It's my favorite lady! You looking for some fun? A little...hmmm? Some spank?

Maria: Hi Chico. Nah, just the usual.

Chico: Here you go lady. Hey, maybe you should check out the warehouse party at the east end of the Atlantic Quays.

Maria: Thanks Chico. See you around.

Chico: Gracias and enjoy. That's good stuff.

Maria: Come on Fido, let's go check out this party. All right Fido, you wait here and look after the car while I go and shake my butt, all right?

Dispatcher: Four-five to all units: assist narcotics raid Atlantic Quays.

Man 2: It's a raid!

Maria: Hey Fido, let's get out of here! Woo! You know, I enjoyed myself for the first time in a long while, and you treated me really good. With respect and everything. I'd better go. I'll see you around I hope.

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