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GTA3 iOS Walkthrough Part 18 - Last Requests

Beat the mission "Last Requests" of Grand Theft Auto 3 with this online demo of the third-person adventure from Rockstar Games.


Salvatore: It's my favorite cleaner! I'm proud of you my boy, you kicked the shit out of those grease balls. I've got just one little job for you before we can all celebrate. There's a car around the block from Luigi's club. The inside is covered in brains. We had to help some guy make up his mind and it proved a little messy. Take it to the crusher before the cops find it.

Man: Get moving!

Maria: Listen, Salvatore thinks that we're going behind his back, so he was offering you to the cartel in order to make a deal. I couldn't let him do that, I mean the worst thing is, it's all my fault because I told him we were an item. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Look you're a marked man on Mafia turf and I've got to get out of here too. I've seen too much killing, too much blood! This is a friend of mine okay, she's an old friend. It's Asuka, she's someone we can trust.

Asuka: Come on, enough of the speeches. We better get out of here before we get more hysterical Italians wanting less friendly reunions.

Maria: Asuka and I are going to have to talk. Why don't you go cruise around?

Asuka: You'll need a place to lie low. There's a warehouse at the edge of Belleville that should suit your needs. Come back here to my condo when you're ready and you and me can have a little chat.

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