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GTA3 iOS Walkthrough Part 22 - Payday for Ray

Beat the mission "Payday for Ray" of Grand Theft Auto 3 with this online demo of the third-person adventure from Rockstar Games.


Asuka: It's my handsome handyman! Maria is all tied up at the moment, but I'll tell her you called.

Maria: Who's that Asuka? I know I've been a naughty girl, but I really need to pee! Okay?

Asuka: It's time you met our man inside the LPD. Here's a payment for the last little job he did for us. He is understandably cautious. Get to the payphone in Torrington as quick as you can and await his instructions.

Male 1: Get to the phone in West Belleville Park.

Male 1: Get to the phone in Liberty Campus

Male 1: Get to the phone in South Belleville Park.

Female 1: Keep your eyes on the road!

Male 1: Meet me in the toilet block in the park.

Female 2: Hey you all.

Male 2: You must be Asuka's new errand boy. You got the money? Is it all here? I know what you're thinking. Another bent cop. Well, it's a bent world. Just because I lost a few partners, those suckers from Internal Affairs have started sniffing around. Reckon they can smell me. Well, this city is one big open sewer, but I'm going to need some non-union help. And if you're interested, you know where to find me.

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