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How to Draw Chibi in Manga

Learn how to draw chibi from art instructor Chris Hart in this Howcast video about manga.


Hey, let's draw everybody's favorite and those are Chibis those adorable mini characters. Now, I love to draw Chibis because I like to drive my readers insane with unbearable cuteness. So let's get started.

Here is a pajama Chibi. I'm going to show you some fine touches on how to draw this guy. Here is the basic instruction. As you can see, to make him very cute the eyes are incredibly low on a Chibi character. He's got no nose but we indicate a little bridge of the nose. The mouth is very small typically, unless the Chibis has a big emotion, then the mouth can be huge. Big curve in here. Big curve in. Big cheek bone out this way.

Now, let's look at the body. To make this body cute we can't leave it like this. We've got to give it a pudgy look. Now most people think that comes from the tummy being pudgy, it doesn't. It actually comes from giving the back curve, like this, you see? Look at that curve. Suddenly he looks cuter, more alive.

Now you use a center line down the back. Often we think of a center line as just being down the front, but no, we put it down the back, we follow the contour all the way down until we get to the legs. That helps us find the center here, of the tail. That little bunny tail that he's got here, we don't want to be too far off to one side so we put it right there on the center line.

The next thing we have to do is you want to give detail to the ears. So what we're going to do is start here, but as you'll notice, is the interior of the ears are not perfectly centered in the ear itself, because the perspective has more mass here than there is here.

So start with a thinner line here. This is a thinner area. And make it thicker on the other side. Leave more room on the other side. And that emphasizes that this little guy has some depth to him and some dimension.

Also you want to put a hair shine in. To do that, before you do any coloring, you should do an outline so that you have a guideline to go on. They sort of parallel each other, the lines on, to make the shine.

Here is your little frightened guy. A Chibi.

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