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How to Draw a Manga Vampire

Learn how to draw a manga vampire from art instructor Chris Hart in this Howcast video.


Here are some tips on drawing a Manga Vampire. Now, the vampire has to be dramatic. Everything about him should look mysterious. You see, he's got mysterious eyes, his hair is wind swept, he's got the cape.

So let me give you some tips on drawing one of the most important parts of the vampire, which are the eyes. This is pretty simple. Now we start, like, just a long curve down, a long curve across and half circles. What you want to do is start with a very small, very small pupil and make sure that it's cut off by the top of the eyelid. Next to that pupil, we'll draw a shine and it actually bumps up right up against that pupil. Now, we're going to add another little shine, a tiny one right here, it's a circle.

Now, this is an important but subtle point, leave that top pupil over here, right next to the edge of the top eyelid. And the reason we do this is because this is where the shadow appears. And then we'll just can lightly fill in the rest of the eye. Now, we're gonna darken the top eyelid, always darker and thicker then the bottom. And a few slight eyelashes. These are vampires. And add some shadow. Make them even look more mysterious. Add some shadow just in the pocket under the eyebrows and for the eyes.

Now, one more little touch on that is the shadow for the hair, we've been talking about shadow. Now, the hair on the top looks flat. The reason is there's no shadow. Watch what happens when we add shadow. Here's a shadow for this little strand. The shadows all occur in the same place. I wouldn't have a shadow on the left of the hair, here, and on the right of the hair, here, because the light's obviously coming from this side. More shadow here, which covers the eye and finally, shadow here. Leave that over as well. And that's how you add style to a Manga Vampire.

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