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How to Draw a Manga Horse

Learn how to draw a manga horse from art instructor Chris Hart in this Howcast video.


Now I'm going to show you how to draw a manga-style horse. Now as you can see, it's not just a regular horse. I've made a unicorn, and even more than that a fantasy unicorn, because it's got this ornamentation on its face. Okay. Now let's start with the basic structure of the horse's head. It's very simple. This is the basic structure, the basic outline of a horse's head. Of course we have to sculpt this and add details.

The first thing you want to do is bump out over here. This is the far side of the eye, which protrudes. You can't even see the eye. This is the bone. The eye is in here. You also want to round out the jaw over here, a little bit round. Now I'm going to skip ahead a few steps. We're going to see from this advanced construction how we finish the horse's head. So let's draw the horn first. To do that we'll go to up here right in the center of the horn, and we will draw a little dot. So we know where we're going toward, which helps.

And we bring that down to the edge of the circle, which is really an oval, because it's perspective, and the other side. And you could also curve your horn if you like or make it a little jagged like that, a little more like a weapon if you want. Notice how the hair goes around it. That makes it look more real. We articulate this part so that it looks like the horse has a top and a side. If you don't add this in, it just looks like one big empty space.

Okay. Now we're going to do the bottom of the jaw, and this is the tricky part for everybody. They don't quite understand it if they're beginners. Some of you may, but in case you don't, the jaw goes around here, and it indents into the basic frame of the shape like that. Now instead of a straight line, this comes out a little bit. It's a curve out and back in. See that? It's subtle, but it's important.

Then here's the chin. The chin is like a cup. It's very pronounced, but it's small. And it leads up to the thick lower lip. So sometimes I will use striations, diagonal striations on the unicorn's horn. It gives it a nice decorative look. And notice I draw right through the hair, draw right through it. You could always erase it later. This way, you get the placement of the hair correct. Okay. And there is a unicorn.

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