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How to Draw Manga with Chris Hart

Learn about Chris Hart, one of Howcast's manga experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Chris Hart. Howcast has selected me to be your how to draw a Manga expert. I am an author of How To Draw a Manga books and many other books on cartooning, on comics, on animals. My books have sold over three million copies domestically and have been translated into twenty languages.

My first book on Manga was the number one art book in America for a year and that was called Manga Mania, it's become a big series. I'm very fortunate to have had twenty nine of my books hit the Neilson Book Stand top fifty list and that measures the top fifty books in the country week by week according to category like gardening or art.

Here are a few of my popular books. This one is Manga for the Beginner, and another one which Manga is based on also which is figure drawing, it's called Figure It Out. My philosophy on teaching is different from other art teachers. I believe you should concentrate on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. You see by concentrating your strengths you'll enjoy it more, you'll want to draw more, you're probably better at it and you'll probably improve faster.

You can take this improved level of skills and more easily focus on your weak points, you'll be better. So, if you'd like to see more about my books or about me, or drop a line, please visit my website I'm at

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