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How to Pick a Training Class for Your Dog

Learn how to find dog training classes and what your dog will learn there in this Howcast video with Andrea Arden Dog Training.


When you're looking for a dog training class, you want to make sure that the dog training school that you pick for you and your dog to learn is going to be fun for you and your dog. And that means picking a school that has positive reward-based training techniques so that both you and your dog can be successful and have a good time during the training process. We always learn better when we're in a good environment that's calm and supportive and fun. So don't pick a school that uses coercive or force-based training; you really want to go with a more modern approach using science-based reward positive reinforcement training. The school should allow you to sit in on a class to make sure it's the right school for you. A lot of people like to sit in on a class, see how the people that are taking the class feel. Are they having fun with their dogs? Are the dogs learning? And does the environment and the instructor feel right for you? That's a really good way of knowing it's the right school for you before committing and signing up for a class. The type of class you take will depend upon what your goals are. But if you are a new puppy owner, you're going to want a puppy class that's geared towards teaching you how to raise your puppy and teach you good puppy parenting skills while starting your basic foundation training work. If your dog's a little bit older, like an adolescent or an adult, you'll probably be looking at taking a basic manners class so that you get all of your strong foundation work like "sit", "down", "stand", come when they're called, and the beginning of some loose leash walking skills strong before you move on to a level two obedience class. If you want to have fun with your dog and you've got a lot of your basics going already, try a tricks class or even agility. That's a great way to continue your training, develop a strong bond with your dog and have a good time. Remember, when picking a dog training school you might find that once you get started you don't want to stop. After all, learning is an ongoing process. Just as with people, we start in kindergarten and we keep going and may discover that you want to move on to high school, college or even a PhD level with your dog. So try to pick a training school that has a lot to offer so if you wind up taking advantage of it you can.

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