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How to Bag Train & Travel with Your Dog

Learn how to bag train and travel with your dog in this Howcast video with Andrea Arden Dog Training.


One of the greatest things about having a small dog is that you can take them almost anywhere and include them in your travel plans,as long as you train them to relax comfortably and calmly in their travel bag.To get started,it's always best to do with a puppy that's very open-minded but even if your having a adult dog,there are exercises and things that you can do to get them happily enjoying their bag.First you can just have the bag kinda hanging out in your house,especially maybe were the dog bed used to be and you can randomly just throw little treats in the bag so that your dog investigates the bag on her own and when they look in there, there's a yummy treats available.So they start checking out the bags on their own quite a bit.When they are tired and they might normally be resting on your lap or at your feet,you can encourage them to go into the bag to rest instead.It's best not to squash your dog into the bag,let them kinda make that decision themselves to get on in there if you can be patient.

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