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How to Teach Your Dog the Spin Trick

Learn how to teach your dog the spin trick in this Howcast video with Andrea Arden Dog Training.


Tricks training is a great way to bond with your dog. And one of the added benefits to training a trick like spin is it improves flexibility and gives your dog an opportunity for some exercise. To get started, I'm gonna have Walter in a standing position. And then with a treat right on his nose, I'm gonna move it around in a circle, click and then give him the little treat. Once he's following food readily around in a circle, I'm gonna take the food out of my hand. Good! And then I can either use the word good or a clicker to let him know he did it correctly and get the reward. I'm gonna do that one more time without food in my hand. Great. And now I'm gonna start refining my hand signal by pointing. Nice. I'm going around in a circle on a point and I'm gonna see if I can that a little bit more refined. Yay, good boy, Walty. So it looks a little bit more like a visual cue as opposed to following food through space. Yay! And there's my spin. You did a great job, Walter. So you're ready to get ready on your spin. You just break it down into small achievable steps and you move up to the point where you have it on a visual cue and then when you're ready, you can call it whatever you like. Have fun!

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