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How to Teach Your Dog the Roll Over Trick

Learn how to teach your dog the roll over trick in this Howcast video with Andrea Arden Dog Training.


We're gonna see if we can work on getting Jack to roll over. We're gonna break this down into small achievable steps so he has fun and is successful along the way. First, the starting position for roll over would be that you dog needs to be in a down position, preferably resting on one hip. So since he went down symmetrically, I'm gonna just kinda, good boy. Make sure he can lean over nice and comfortably. Right now he's lying on one hip and that's perfect. So I'm ready to go to the next step. I'm gonna take this treat and guide it kinda over his shoulders. Good! And when he achieved the full roll over I'm telling him 'good' and giving him a treat. If he had trouble with that I would have just broken that down into more steps but he's doing great with this. So again, I'm gonna get him into the down position. There you go. Make sure he's leaning on one hip. And, good! We've got the roll. He's doing well enough with this that I don't need to put food in my hand right now. So I'm gonna start refining my visual cue. Good! And he's over. That's terrific. And then if I want I can refine it a little bit more, make it a little flashier (kiss) and end with a nice finish into a seated position. I think that looks great for our roll over. You did a great job, Jack. Have fun training your dog to roll over.

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