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How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch & Retrieve

Learn how to teach your dog to fetch and retrieve in this Howcast video with Andrea Arden Dog Training.


"Dog Training/ How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch and Retrieve

Expert: Jo Anne Basinger

Andrea Arden Dog Trainer

""Fetch and retrieve is a great game to train your dog. Not only does it provide them with physical exercise, it also provides them with mental exercise. And when used to its fullest, you can incorporate your basic obedience skills in it as well, to make those stronger and more fun, for your dog to perform. First thing you want to do is have a selection of toys, to see what toys your dog really loves; and you want to take baby steps: don't try to just throw a toy twenty feet out, and hope that your dog might come and not only get it, but bring it back to you. Most dogs love running after the toy. Very few dogs, on the other hand, like to actually bring them back. And that's not as fun for us. So we want to take baby steps, have your dog on a nice long leash, 6-12 feet, and work on seeing if you can get your dog intrigued by the toy. 'Like this one?' Of course you want to make sure that they like what you're usingand kind of move it around, get them really into it (kissing sounds)'You want an different one?' and then toss it off, just a little bit. (tch tch tch noises) 'Yay!' And then try to encourage them to come back. I'm going to do that at a shorter distance. 'What a good girl! Yay, good girl!' And really reward them for bringing it back. If she hasn't come back all the way, halve the leash to encourage her to come my way, rather than taking off, into another room with the toy. 'Do you have it? That a girl! Good girl! Good girl, [xx] That's terrific!' If you have trouble getting the dog to let go of the toy, (squeaking noises) 'That's great!', you can swap it out for another toy. Show them another toy they might be interested in'Like this? Oh, good girl!' And then the reward for letting this one go is that she got this one. And that's a good way to get started on your fetch and retrieve behavior, so that your dog can have lots of fun and exercise both indoors and out."""

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