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How to Make a Birthday Cake Pop-Up Card

Learn how to make a birthday cake pop-up card in this Howcast video with expert Jessica Tice-Gilbert.


And now I'm going to show you how to make a birthday cake with candles.

Take a piece of cardstock. I've cut mine in half. We're going to fold it in half. Match the edges and the corners and crease the middle. Take another sheet of paper and cut out a rectangle. A fairly large one because this is going to be your cake. Fold it in half. Make sure the edges meet and you crease the middle.

We're actually going to draw a little slight curve from top of the cake. And I'm going to cut the edges because I made my layer a little too wide. And here we go. Cut the curve. And now we have our cake piece. And you can set that aside.

Next, we're going to take another rectangle. We're going to fold it in half. Make sure the edges meet and crease the middle well. And now what we're going to do is, we're going to create two V-folds. So take the bottom edge. Fold it so that it comes close to the middle. So it's roughly 45 degrees. And you're going to do the same for the other side. So flip it over and fold up that corner. And unfold it and you can see that we've already created one big V-fold. And we want one more. So fold it back. And we're going to fold again at an angle, same angle as the first one, or as close as possible. And now you can see we've created two V-folds.

And I've already printed out and cut out, from a template, the cake and the double V-fold. The double V-fold you can cut out into candles. So here's the center. And what we're going to do is, we're going to have these come back and then this back V come forward. So as we close it, you push that back V forward. Like that. So now you have two V's working together. And here's my cake piece.

I also have little side tabs. Here's the front and here's the back. On the back, we're actually going to stick the candles to it. Take double stick tape and, on the front of your candles, on these bottom tabs, put double stick tape or glue. Up to you.

So now it's ready to stick down. You're going to line up this center line with the center line of the cake. And make sure that when you line it up, that your candles come out because this is the open position. You want to make sure that when your viewer opens your card, the candles pop up. So here we go. That's lined up. Press it down. Now you can see, without even putting it in the card, that the candles move.

So take your base page and put double stick tape on the side tabs of your cake pop. And line up the center lines of the cake and the candles with the center line of the base page and press down. Close it and open it. And that's how you make a cake with candles.

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