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How to Make a Rainbow Pop-Up Card

Learn how to make a rainbow pop-up card in this Howcast video with expert Jessica Tice-Gilbert.


And now I'm going to teach you how to make a pop-up rainbow. I've taken half of a piece of card stock, and we're going to fold it in half. Match up your edges as close as possible, and crease the middle. And set it aside. You're going to take another sheet of card stock, we're going to fold it in half, and we're going to cut out a really wide V-fold. And so we're going to take a pencil, fold it back in half, and we're going to draw the arch half of it on the V. You can also add a couple of clouds at the bottom if you'd like. So while you keep it in half, fold it in half, just cut along the pencil. And now you have your rainbow arch with a couple of clouds at the bottom.

So that's how you cut out a rainbow from scratch, you can also use a template, like this one I've printed out. This also has tabs at the bottom of the piece. You can also create tabs yourself, you just have to make sure that the angle here and here at the tab are the same. Just like the V-fold that we made to create the first piece. And we're going to take a base page, you're going to put a little bit of double-stick tape on the underneath side of the tab. And a little bit on the other one. And so now you're going to line up the center line of the base page with the center line of the rainbow. And that way your tabs are on equal sides of the base page. Crease it down and fold it, and there you have a pop-up rainbow.

And that's how we make a rainbow pop-up. Feel free to color it in and add little bits of scenery to it, maybe even a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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