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How to Make Layers on Layers for a Pop-Up Card

Learn how to make layers on layers for pop-up cards and crafts in this Howcast video with expert Jessica Tice-Gilbert.


We are going to learn about layers on top of layers. We're going to take a piece of cardstock and we're going to mark a smaller rectangle to cut out. Take your scissors and cut out your smaller rectangle. So now we've got a rectangle that's going to be a layer on top of these layers. I'm going to fold this one in half to make an equal layer. Take your base page with the layers already on it. What we're going to do since it's an equal layer, we're going to line up the central line with the edge of the layer and tape it down. You can make unequal layers on top of unequal layers and vice versa. It all depends on the movement and what you're trying to build. Tape it down, close it and open it. So now we've got layers on top of layers. So this is layers on top of layers.

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