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8 Tools You Need to Make Pop-Up Cards

Learn about the eight tools you'll need to make pop-up cards and crafts in this Howcast video with expert Jessica Tice-Gilbert.


For making popups you're gonna need a couple things. You're gonna need card stock. It is heavier than copier paper. Copier paper's really not gonna pop up. It's not gonna really do anything for you. You need card stock roughly 110 pounds.

Next, you need a ruler or a triangle. The great thing about a triangle's that it has a 90 degree angle already built in. Next you'll need is a pair of sharp scissors and you'll need some glue. White glue works just fine. Also you're gonna see me using a lot of tape.

I like to use artists tape. It's a little less stickier than drafting tape. That way, if you make a mistake, you need to reposition [SP] a popup you can do it. Also the next thing is double-sided tape. This is really awesome for sticking other pieces on top of v-folds and on top of layers.

Next, I like to use a knitting needle to make score lines. Score lines are actually the full blinds on popups. This will really make great and precise folds. If you're really skilled and feel really comfortable you can use an (?).

This little guy is a burnisher and also has a little end very much like the knitting needle so we can score and make the full blinds for the popups. Those are the tools of the trade.

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