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3 Tips & Tricks for Pop-Up Card Beginners

Learn three helpful tips on making pop-up cards and crafts in this Howcast video with expert Jessica Tice-Gilbert.


So for those of you who are just starting out with pop-ups, don't get discouraged. It can be easy to be discouraged, but try something easy first. Try a v-fold. Once you get the v-fold, try a layer. And once you get that, start building from there. And then you'll find that once things become easier you'll be able to start pushing those boundaries.

Once you get to a certain point you might start looking at pop-up books and you're like, how did they make that? How did they make that house? How did they make this castle or this horse? I would suggest get two copies of the book. Have one to look at and have a second one to take apart very carefully.

Sometimes it's much easier to see how things work if you're able to take it apart and see the actual mechanics behind it. Because a lot of times with our pop-up books, we tend to cover the mechanics so it's very magical. You won't be able to really see what's going on. You're just like, oh, my gosh, this pops up.

So if you start to take it apart and really figure it out, that might help as well, and you can make it. If I can make a pop-up, you can make a pop-up.

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