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How to Make a Kitten Head Pop-Up Card

Learn how to make a kitten head pop-up card in this Howcast video with expert Jessica Tice-Gilbert.


I am now going to show you how to make a pop-up kitten. Take a piece of
card stock and fold it half. Match the edges in the corner and crease it.
Unfold it and set it to the side. Now take another piece of card stock.
We're going to match the corners again, and the edges. Crease it, and
then we're going to make a really wide V-fold. Here is our wide V-fold,
and let's just double check that it's going to fit in the page.

Line up the center of the base page, so we're going to make sure that
this fits inside the pop-up. We are going to tape it lightly to the base
page after lining up the center lines. We are really close, and we are
going to end up adding ears, so I'm going to trim just a little bit. I'm
actually going to take this off because I am going to make a tented
V-fold so that the head has a little bit of dimension. To make a tented
V-fold, we are going to make an incision at the top at an angle like
that, right to the center line of the piece.

Now what we are going to do is put double stick tape on what we have now
created as a tab. We are going to pull this side right to that fold
line. You can see that it has created a tent. Now as we fold it, match
the bottom edges together, and crease the top of the piece. Because we
have made a tented V-fold, it's going to create a new fold line right
down the middle. We are going to trim that right there, and now we have
created the kitty head. What we need to add now are his ears.

I'm going to take card stock, and I'm going to cut two triangles out and
set them aside. I'm going to tape the V-fold into the base page now.
This is a tented V-fold, so it is not going to lay flat, so you make
take you one or two tries to make sure that it is lined up, but do the
best that you can. Take the center line of your V-fold, and line that up
with the base page. Tape them down on one edge, then fold it over, then
take another piece of tape and we are going to stick that on the outside
and roll it back to the edge so that the sticky side is revealed.

Push that down and make sure that it's secure. We have the head of the
kitten and now we have to add his ears. Take a little bit of double
stick, and take one of the triangle pieces. Put that right there, and so
there's one ear. We are going to double stick the other one, and we are
going to try and match it up with the other side, more or less. That
way, they are about the same width apart. You can draw eyes and whiskers
on, and that's how you make a pop-up kitten.

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