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Freak Dancing Moves for the Club

Learn some freak dancing moves from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance video.


What's up? My name is Matt Stephanina [SP]. And this is Dana. And today we're going to teach you guys some freak dancing moves. We're not just talking about grinding. We're not just talking about hanging out at a club. These are the freak dancing moves. So you got to get freaky.

The first one we're going to do, we're going to face each other. And Dana's going to come over here in front of me. Now you want to make sure that your feet are spread apart, and you want to bend your knees so that you guys are nice and low. From here, you can rock your hips side to side. Circle round, or body roll. Anything you do is okay, but you want to make sure as the guy that you match your lady's movement.

So we're going to start by just circling around. Once we get this move going, I can use my hands or my body to change it up. By leaning back, away from her, rocking back in towards her, I can take my hands and put them on her arms. Grab her neck. Play with her hair. There's a lot of things that you can do from this position to make this even sexier.

So once you've been here for a while and you're ready to change it up, we're going to show you some different moves that you can do from another position. So from this position, we're going to start off with a basic grind again. Just circling our hips around. Now ladies, if you want to freak on him here, you're going to bend forward, keep that circle going, and bend your arms in front of your chest. Now you can take this down as low as you want. You don't want to take it all the way to the floor, but you do want to be sexy with it, and push your hips back into him as you're grinding around in a circle.

... And there's some freak dance moves for you to do at the club.

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