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How to Do the Running Man Melbourne Shuffle

Learn how to do the Running Man Melbourne Shuffle from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance video.


What's up, this is Matt Steffanina, and today I'm going to teach you guys how to do the running man in your shuffle.

To start, we're going to turn sideways. We're going to pick one leg up. As you put this leg down you're going to take your bottom leg and push it back so that you get into a lunge. From here we're going to take the back leg and pick it up hopping our front leg to the center, and then take the top leg stepping it down pushing our back leg back.

You're going to repeat this motion, and each time you hop you want to make sure that you don't hop up, but rather you hop just enough so that you can slide your foot back. It's really more of a slide than it is a jump. You want to think of staying low to the ground. It also helps if you have a bounce in your body. You don't want to be too stiff, so remember to keep relaxed.

Let's try it a little bit faster. You're going to start with your leg up, and go back, up, back, up, back, up.

It's also important that when you push your leg back you straighten your leg out so that you get a nice line here. You don't want to have your legs like jello and sloppy. You do want to really push through that back heel so that this is a really strong move. When we go to speed it up you're going to need to be fast on your feet, so remember to stay on your toes and stay really light.

Let's try it with the music. We're going to start slow, half time. By going on the beat you want to go down, down, down, down, down, down. Remember, when our feet go down we want our body to accent up. So, you're going to start by taking this leg down and rocking back. We go back, back, back.

And that's how you do the running man.

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