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How to Make Layers on a V-Fold on a Pop-Up Card

Learn how to make layers on V folds for pop-up cards and crafts in this Howcast video with expert Jessica Tice-Gilbert.


And, I'm going to teach you, now, how to make V-folds in layers on top of one another.

So, we're going to take a piece of cardstock. Fold it in half for a base page. Match the edges as close as possible and crease it down the middle. Unfold it and set it aside.

Now we're going to take another piece of cardstock and we're going to cut off the corner so we have a great, 90 degree V-fold.

Now we're going to fold it down the center and we're going to match this edge with the other edge. And, match it as closely as possible. With popups the more precision, the better.

And, I'm going to trim the top of my V-fold so that it's equal on both sides. Now we have a V-fold.

So, I'm going to tape this guy down onto my base page. So, take the V-fold, line up the center lines, and tape down the edges. Now we have our V-fold.

Next, we're going to take another piece of cardstock. And we're going to cut out a small rectangle. And we're also going to fold this one down the center.

This one doesn't quite match on the edges, so I'm going to trim it so that the edges do match. Now we've got our layer.

So, take your base page with the V-fold and we're going to line up the center line of the layer with the edge of the V-fold. And that's how we make a layer on top of a V-fold.

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