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How to Assemble a Bird Pop-Up Card

Learn how to assemble the three bird pieces into a pop-up card in the second video of a 2-part Howcast series with expert Jessica Tice-Gilbert.


Now that we have all of our pieces, we're going to assemble the bird card. We've got the wing, we have our wheel, and we also have the bird with the V-fold in the middle. And here are our tabs, and I was even able to add another tab that's part of the tail, just to make sure that he stays on the bees page really well. Next with some double stick tape, I'm going to stick the bird onto the bees page. And if you find that your double stick tape is a little wide, you can always trim it off once you've stuck it on, so you can trim it right down to the size that you need. Just be careful and not to cut the pop-up. Next, we're going to line him up on the center line, push that down so that the tabs stick to the base page, and one last piece of double stick right on the tail.

So we have our first piece already put together. Now we're going to double stick the round piece onto the V-fold to make the rotator. We're going to stick it on this side of the V-fold, and make sure that the tape or glue stays only within the V-fold, anything outside is going to make the rotator stick and it won't work. So now we're going to line up the center point of the circle to the center point of the V-fold, and we're going to line up that cut line along the center line of the base page and of the bird piece. And so now we have a rotator. Well, we're going to end up covering the rotator with a wing, that way we hide the mechanism. So we're going to put double stick tape right here on this side of the rotator, don't go past the fold line onto that side, it's going to make the rotator stick, and then the wing won't rotate. I'm going to take the wing, line them up onto the rotator, press down to make sure it gets stuck on there real nicely. If you need to, you may need to help that first close of the pop-up. And that's how we make a pop-up bird.

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