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How to Paint Falling Flowers with Face Paint

Learn how to paint falling flowers from face painting expert Emma Sadler in this Howcast video.


"How to Do Face Painting:

Falling Flowers

Today we're going to learn how to do some flowers. And what you're going to start to do is you're going to spray your paint with water and then you're going to load your brush with some white. And then you're going to take a second color which you can do any kind of color preferably you want to coordinate with the person's outfit and I'm going to use purple since she's wearing a wonderful purple color today. And you're just going to do the tip of the brush into the colored paint. And then you're going to do a pressing motion. Just turn your head slightly that way. You're just going to press down and you see how it makes these perfect petals. Very simple, very easy. And it makes perfect flowers. You can always add a little more purple onto the tip. Okay now to add just extra special. You'll want to use some white in the centers. And you can just add some dots. And there you go falling flowers. "

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