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How to Paint a Unicorn with Face Paint

Learn how to paint a unicorn face from face painting expert Emma Sadler in this Howcast video.


"How do Do Face Painting:


So now we are going to do a unicorn. We're going to do. So as you can see it's much easier if you first outline how you want your unicorn to look. And I'm going to take some yellow and do the unicorn's horn. This is pretty much a teardrop. Again. And again if the unicorn's mane you can either do a color that the person's wearing or you can do pink or their favorite color. And now we're going to do the outline. We're going to use our fine brush again. And to do a little star burst on the top of the unicorn's horn. And again you can add any little details you want. Make some teardrops. And that is how to do a unicorn."

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