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How to Paint a Winter Princess with Face Paint

Learn how to create a winter princess face from face painting expert Emma Sadler in this Howcast video.


So, just in time for the wintery season, we're going to learn how to do a winter princess. I'm going to go above the eyebrow. Well what we'll start with is the snowflake in the center of her head, kind of as if you're going to do just a starburst and then you're just going to add little flicks on the side. And you can add another snowflake, as if the snow has fallen. Do another snowflake on this side. And what I like to do with masks is just to have a little bit of a trail of dots on each side to kind of give the mask it's completion. And again for all princesses you can either add lipstick, but again, I prefer not to. I think it looks very pretty the way it is and that is how to do a winter princess.

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