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How to Paint a Dalmatian Face with Face Paint

Learn how to paint a Dalmatian face from face painting expert Emma Sadler in this Howcast video.


"How to Do Face Painting:

So now we're going to learn how to do a dalmation. This can also just be a simple dog. To start we're going to sponge on white. Kind of whisp up some fur in the middle. And then make about a little bit of a triangular shape. Make his ears. Now that you've added the white I like to add the tongue so that it has a little time to dry. All doggies need a tongue. Do a teardrop in the tongue. Add some fur. What we're going to do for the ears is just do a teardrop up on his ears. Black dot, couple of black dots. We're going to just rim his eye using his eyebrow as a guide. Just kind of do a big squiggly outline circle. And that is how to do a Dalmatian or a simple dog."

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