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How to Paint a Cheetah or Leopard with Face Paint

Learn how to paint a cheetah or leopard face from face painting expert Emma Sadler in this Howcast video.


So, now we are going to learn how to do a very simple leopard or cheetah. We are just going to apply some white right above her eyebrow, like so. Can you turn your head for me? Thank you. Then, white for her muzzle. Then you are gong to apply a little white at the base on the cheekbone over here. And to make this look more like a leopard, we are going to add brown. One thing about this face is the brown you can interchange with any color. And again we are going to do the press down, drag up. And as with most cats and tigers, the press and drag for the whiskers. Now what makes a cheetah and a leopard is its spots and its infamous c-shaped spots. So we are just going to do some c's, we like to call them, and some dots. And to make these c's look a little more not like the alphabet we are going to use the same technique of the press and drag. Obviously on the white parts, it won't show as much. And we can add some white dots. But for most girls who want to get tigers, we just add little dots into where we dredge down to make teeth, her bottom lip to give it a little more definition. And that is how to do a leopard or cheetah.

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