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How to Paint a Dragon or Dinosaur with Face Paint

Learn how to paint a dragon or dinosaur face from face painting expert Emma Sadler in this Howcast video.


Right now we're going to learn how to do a Dinosaur' which will also be a Dragon'. So to start you're going to want to pick a color. I'm going to use this light green. And you'll start up in the eyes, covering the eyebrow as you mark. And then do the nose and mouth. You're pretty much doing like the muzzle of any of the cats or dogs. Now we're going to add white, pretty much reverse tear drops. Then you're going to outline and add black accents. You don't have to enclose the outline around the teeth. You want to add some flicks right between so that you have a little bit of more mean look. And then because most dragons and dinosaurs have a much wider nose than humans, you're going to add its nose right on the upper lip. And that's how to do a ferocious Dragon or Dinosaur'.

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