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How to Paint a Tiger Face with Face Paint

Learn how to paint a tiger face from face painting expert Emma Sadler in this Howcast video.


To start we're going to use some white on your sponge, and we're going to start with the muzzle in the center of the face. And because he's a male, we're going to use just a typical orange face paint. And what I'm doing up top is I'm actually making a bit of an oval because that's going to be an ear. And again, with a tiger you can add ears or you can just go straight up full on the face and not worry about adding ears. But I like it for boys. And then you can touch up on any place that might have gotten some orange on it that you don't want. And we are going to start to do outlining of the ears. We're just going to do little flicks, give it a fur-like feel. And you can do longer ones down the side. And just a little triangle on the inside of the ears. And on the top here we're just going to do a few teardrops and the nose. With the nose you just want to do pretty much two triangles on each side of the nostril and then connect them in the center and then fill in. All done outlining his muzzle. And what I'm doing is I'm drawing a line and I'm pushing down and then pulling up. And that makes the thin to thick to thin. And then fill in the upper lip. You can fill in the bottom lip if you like. So now we're going to add some of the finer details such as adding lines into the muzzle that kind of appear like whiskers but they're obviously going the wrong way. But this is just, gives dimension. What I'm doing again is pressing down, wiggling my brush and then picking it up so that it goes from thicker to thinner. This is a very common stroke. Add some white dots into the stripes. And obviously we're missing one important thing and that is the tiger's teeth. For girls, this is a little bit of a difference. You can just make a dot, but for boys I like to really make a point. And that is how you do a boys tiger.

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