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Tools for Face Painting

Learn the tools needed for face painting from expert Emma Sadler in this Howcast video.


"Now I'm going to show you some of the tools you'll want to use in face painting. We'll start with the brushes, you can buy just any type of art brush, preferably ones with synthetic bristles or real hair. And they should be able to easily brush back and forth. They come in varying sizes, this one's a 4, which is one of the most universal sizes that face painters use but then we have a 0 which is a very fine tip brush and then they range from very wide bristles to in-between.

Next we have sponges. You will want to buy specifically face painting sponges. You can find these on a variety of websites. Normally they come in a round, like this, this is actually from the brand called Snazaroo and what you can do then is cut them to make little wedges.

Next you will want to get FDA approved cosmetic paints. These are meant to be used on the face. There are also other brands such as Krylon, Ben Nye, Snazaroo but these are my favorites. They're activated just by water, which I use a spray bottle for.

Next we have a paint called an arty brush and it has a variety of different colors next to each other which make a perfect stroke pattern and blend the colors perfectly together so you don't have to.

Next we have glitter and they come in 2 different forms; liquid, which easily comes out in a gel form, which you can draw lines with, make dots. Next we have loose glitter and you just put some on your finger and then just dab it over the paint to make it glimmer.

And then last but not least, how to remove your face paint or to fix a mistake, baby wipes are the easiest way or if there's any slight staining of a color, warm water and mild soap will do the trick.


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