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Call of Duty: Black Ops / Strategies for Kino der Toten Zombie Map / Part 2

Learn the strategies for kino der toten zombie map with this game tutorial.


Once you get 2500 points after running the loop, you're going to want to come back to the main room by running the loop. Do not go backwards and come the other way as the zombies will be behind you and buy Jugger-Nog.

You're going to want to continue, now, running the loop in this direction, up the top of the stairs until you reach 3000 points where, in that case, you'll be able to buy Sleight of Hand or Speed Cola. Keep in mind that if you need guns, you should be buying those before buying these perks. I just so happened to get a Ray Gun and Thunder Gun at the beginning, so I really don't need to purchase any guns along the way.

Now, you're going to continuing running the loop using these two perks. You can still buy Quick Revive if you're playing with a team, but I am not playing with a team in this video, so I'm going to avoid it.

Once you gain 5000 points, you're going to run the loop back to the theater room, where the teleporter is, after you've linked the teleporter at the beginning of round eight or nine where I showed you. You run over here, you hop in the teleporter, and it will bring you up to the Pack a Punch room where you can upgrade any gun you have. I, in this case, have the Ray Gun and a Thunder Gun, and I'm going to upgrade the Ray Gun because it's more useful in more situations than the Thunder Gun.

Grab your Ray Gun, come over to this window, and the zombies will join up in this middle place here, and you're going to chuck down grenades until you get teleported back down. Buy grenades off the wall and continue the process.

Now, when you spawn back in this main room, the zombies are going to rush up the staircase where you will then spray them down with your upgraded weapon. Then, when you get overrun, you will go up these stairs and run the loop again.

After running the loop for a few rounds, when you acquire 5000 more points, you're going to want to teleport again and upgrade your second weapon. Your second weapon is alway useful because if you run out of ammo on the first upgraded weapon, it's always nice to have a second one. In this case, I have the Thunder Gun which will become the Zeus Cannon when upgraded.

The only way this loop strategy will fail you is if you, one, run too fast and cause the zombies to loop back the other way and hit you in the back of the head, or two, you run out of ammo which is not your fault, but if you start to run out of ammo in both guns, don't be afraid to buy a gun off the wall. It's always better to have a non-upgraded weapon than to have two upgraded weapons with no ammo.

This has been Patriots from Real Gamers TV, and I'll see you all later.

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