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How to Do a Beatbox Kick

Learn how to do beatbox kicks in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


"So I'm going to teach you how to do the kicks. Kicks are also a major part, obviously. The kick sounds like this:

*instructor performs kicks*

It's like when a drummer puts his foot on the pedal, that kick. What you want to do is say the letter ""p"", but the way you want to say it is you want to close your lips. I'll make a quick example of what I mean.

*instructor pushes lips inward*

Now a lot of people can do this sound:

*instructor makes popping noises*

Because what you're doing is you're blowing air out, and you're popping your lips to create that vibration. Well, you want to do that with the letter ""p"", but without the little pop. You want to close your lips and blow the air out from the front of your mouth, say ""p, p, p, p"".

Now for me, it's a little easier to blow the air out from the side of my mouth, so you can experiment whether you want to blow the air out from the front or the side. You want to blow the air out when you have the lips closed. So you have your lips closed, say ""p"", and eventually you stop saying ""p"" and just get the *instructor performs kicks* and that's one major sound of beatboxing, which is incorporated in most beats: the kick.

*instructor performs some impressive beatboxing to end the video*There were a lot of non-words in this video."

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