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How to Make a Beatbox Fart Noise

Learn how to make a beatbox fart noise in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


"How to Beatbox: Fartnoise

Okay, so this is what I call the 'fart noise' and the reason why I like the
fart noise is because sometimes when you beatbox you've got to realize that
you can't take life too serious. So if you put a fart noise in between you're
beats it will definitely make it funny. Or you can just make a joke and set
next to somebody and make a fart noise.
Now the way I do a fart noise is you take your top teeth and you put them
in your bottom lip, and it's sort of like a siren except you just sort of
blow the air out and then stop. Sounds like this . Sounds
almost like a duck but I call it a fart noise. Because it sort of sounds
like a fart. you know? Or yea that is the fart noise.
Or you could do fart step. You know you've
just got to relax. You can't take life serious. You gotta fart in you're

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