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How to Put Beatbox Patterns & Sequences Together

Learn how to put beatbox patterns and sequences together in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


"Kid Lucky: Really I think that pattern are you know. It's a pattern. What ever
you want to do. So that's a pattern right there. And like
you know, with that pattern you can do a lot of stuff.

JFlo: I think for example making patterns or sort of beats, lets say you're
a beginner. Obviously there are three sounds that are the most common: The kick,
high hat, and snare. And really you can make the structure anyway you can with
those three sounds. So you can construct you're own sequences. For example,
. You can use it to sing three sounds a beat.
So really you can just be creative. As long as you have the sounds and you can
do it.

Kid Lucky: The idea of making the pattern is to show that repetition allows
for the audience to have something to latch on to as well. Almost like that

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