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How to Make a Beatbox Bass Sound

Learn how to make beatbox bass sounds in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


"So beatboxing, obviously, incorporates a lot of different bass sounds. You want to have bass in your beats. Some of those basses, you have simple ones like
The way you do this is, y'know, doing like the letter R and just trying to shake your tongue.
Then you got more harder basses, what to do, would be like your throat, if you learn to control your throat, like
so you have different pitches with your throat bass, and you got also like lip basses, y'know, just shaking your lips to create a vibration to make a bass, you also got a simple humming bass, just hum, with a real low tone, and that's about it, you can incorporate any bass you want, however you want, and use these basses, and you can also be creative and create your own way to make your bass, there's no limitations. |"

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