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How to Do a Beatboxing PF Snare

Learn how to do a beatbox PF snare in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


The pf snare is the letter of f and the letter p that I also have explained earlier the cake was the letter p. so did the whole pee pee now which you want to do you want say f eff, im sorry which you wanna combine you like eff and the way you pronounce the eff is you have your talk teeth touch the boundary lip and the end. So, If you keep that eff going on sounds like this emmm efff. So which you want to do this like do the kick the letter p and the f sounds like puff and sounds like puff, puff puffh puffh puffh so p f puffhh puffhh so wanna do the kick but you would you wouldn't come down with the f. so is the letter p but you wouldn't come out with the f so you would have the sound that I explained with the teeth boundary line keep going like f f f puf puf pf pf puf puf pufh pufh pufh so that's how you do the pf now. Obviously its different kind of sneal that you cooperate with mtach neah pufh mtach neah pufh mtach neah pufh so that how you cooperate the pf sneal.

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