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How to Do a Beatbox Click Roll

Learn how to do beatbox click rolls in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


  • Step 1: Form your mouth To make the click roll, use your tongue on the roof of your mouth and flick it up and down.
  • Step 2: The "Yeah Yeah" exercise Work out your jaw muscles with the "Yeah Yeah" exercise: Say "yeah" over and over, increasing speed as you go.


"See, for me, for me it's interesting 'cause like, y'know, Dougie Fresh has his click roll, y'know what i mean, and i can't really do Doug's, i never really tried to do Doug's, i'm going to have to try. But I'm not going to do that, i actually do mine from, the middle of my mouth, y'know, so, like, my tongue is placed on the palette right above, y'know, right above where my tongue is right above there and then just click.
*Tongue clicking*
Y'know, so, that's what I do, y'know, for my click roll. That is just a very long time of practicing, of working that tongue muscle. The tongue muscle is the most important part, and your jaw muscle, y'know, a lot of that goes with, like, beatboxing, y'know, with the click roll it's really about the jaw.
*Click roll*
Y'know, and the way you can actually work your jaw muscles by actually
*Jaw exercises*
Just like, y'know, going up and down with the
*Jaw exercises and tongue clicking*
Y'know, so, it really controls that muscle right there with the tongue. It's very, a lot of work to do to maintain it, so practice up and don't get frustrated.

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