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How to Beatbox & Rap at the Same Time

Learn how to beatbox while rapping in this Howcast video with expert Beatboxer Entertainment.


"*Beatboxing and rapping*
I've always used words before, like I said, but I really had some pent up, y'know, anger, that was going on, and so.. I was in Prague, actually I was in Rattleton, in the Czech republic in Rattleton, little town, in the train yard, surrounded by a ton of graffiti, and I just started, like, y'know, rhyming and rhyming and beatboxing and rhyming and adding these sounds into it and y'know when I first started doing it, it sounded like, y'know, so that people understand that how it started was like
*beatboxing and rapping*
I had to go through that process of building it up, and with beatrhyming I went through different, like, I taught myself different ways of being able to do it, 'cause first of all, I freestyle a lot of this, y'know, so, all of this is freestyle, and what freestyle is, for those who don't know, is I make it up on the spot. So I'm beatboxing, and rapping, and making all my content up at the same time. So, like, these are not prepared beats, these are not prepared rhymes, y'know, the flow, none of that is prepared, it's just something that I do on the spot. "

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