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How to Make Basic Beatboxing Sounds

Learn basic beatboxing sounds in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


So the first three sounds you want to learn are the kick, the high hat and the snare. A real simple way to do this it's doing the technique which most beat boxers can teach which is "boots and cats". So you want to do boots and cats. So you want to do it in a rhythm of a one, two, one, two. So what I mean is you say boots, cats, boots, cats. Now what you want to do is when you say boots you want to pronounce boots like this, boots and then you're going to say cats. So when you say boots, cats, boots, cats, boots, cats. So you got the kick which sounds a little like. And you got high hats which could be dry high hats like. Or some wet high hats like. And then you got snares that'll allow you to have different snitch. And you know you could also do humming and incorporate all three.

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