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What Is Beatboxing?

Learn what beatboxing is in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


Now, really what beatboxing is is making hip hop beats with your mouth. Now, what is the difference like vocal percussion or scatting? Vocal percussion is like you can do it with anything, you know, you can go all over the gambit with it, you can go in to any genre, you know. With beatboxing it's about hip hop and doing hip hop beats and hip hop stylings of stuff. Vocal percussion you can do that with rock, you can do that with jazz, you can do that with blues, you can do that with pretty much anything. But the minute you start rocking in hip hop it becomes a different type of formula, you know what I mean? It's like a different type of sound, different genre. So beatboxing is, you know, making hip hop music with your mouth. It would be something like, you know, [beatboxing example], where like if you did like, say, jazz [jazz beatboxing example], you know what I mean? So you have a jazz format and that's not beatboxing, that's doing vocal percussion bass lines and jazz, or if you're doing rock, if you're doing in that formula it becomes more of that, that's why vocal percussion is different than beatboxing because beatboxing is really, you know, based out of hip hop, like jazz scatting, you know what I mean, scatting comes out of jazz, you know, but you can apply scatting to anything, you know, you can apply scatting to rock, it's been applied to hip hop, it's been applied to blues, you know, but when it's done in a certain formula it becomes something else.

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