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What Is Techno Beatbox?

Learn what techno beatbox is in this Howcast video with expert Beatboxer Entertainment.


"Techno beatbox, or just electronic music, you know, or beat box is the music you want to dance to whether it's house or techno, trance or whatever. But, you know, you've got that sort of, you know, electronic feel to it. It's simple kick-kick-kick-kick, because you want people to dance like [makes beats with mouth].

You could do something like house, like [makes beats with mouth]. So, yeah, techno beatbox, you know, you incorporate these things to make electronic music make people want to dance. You've got to remember to have one rhythm, like [makes beats with mouth], and you can incorporate the same bass that you can do in dub step, like [makes beats with mouth]. Or the high-pitch [makes beats with mouth].

Or, you could do different things, like sound effects, like [makes beats with mouth]. So, that's how you incorporate these things into, you know, techno beatbox, electronic beatbox, which is that thing where people dance to and yeah that's how you do it.


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