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How to Qualify for a Beatboxing Championship

Learn how to qualify for a beatbox championship in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


So if you wanna get serious with beat-boxing, you want to start competing and you think you got the skills and you practice enough to want to compete and you want to qualify for beatbox championships. You can do that. Obviously, here in America, there's different rules apply, depends where you are and where you go. But the way it works in America really is you apply online at the They don't tell you when you can apply. It just comes out, so you have to keep checking the website and eventually it will say you can apply. What you do is you leave your name and your email and eventually they get back to you and you have to go through this video submission that they do which is like online videos. The first video they ask you to do is a solo video which is a 2 minute video where you do a two minute solo freestyle beatbox. And then eventually you send that and weeks later you do the next video which is beatbox over acapellas. So they send you a bunch of acapella song that you can beatbox over. And you can use many other songs or you can use one song or you can even use your own songs if you have your own acapellas and you do a two minute video of that where you have acapellas and beat-boxing behind it and see what you do with that. And then the third video will be covers, so the third video is where you beatbox covers of songs that are already out there and try to like imitate the way they sound. When they get the three videos, they score the videos in different categories that they do. I'm not really quite sure what all of them are, but some of them are like musicality, technicality, flow, and how clear you are with your sounds. And the top 16 from these videos get to go to the championships to make an actual bracket tournament beat-boxing battle of what they do here is one minute rounds until the finals. The finals are one minute and a half rounds. But different rules apply to other places like in Canada and other places overseas I think like Germany, they do elimination rounds where they take all the beatboxers to the event, you don't have to sign up before before and you go onstage and you do a two minute freestyle of your beatboxing and from there the judges pick the top sixteen and then make a bracket, so there's no video submission because of a lot of the speed and it's more about going to the event and doing it.

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