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3 Advanced Beatboxing Techniques

Learn three advanced beatboxing techniques in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


Of course one of the major things is technicality and one way to be technical is to sort of do a drum pattern beats which you know can switch a lot and you gonna show your skill, so I'll give you an example like (beating). So this is more advanced because it's very technical but the reason why I am able to keep up my speed and I am able to do that it's because one of the techniques that I can help you do this in an advance way is what we call TKs. Now TKs because the reason why it's called TKs is goes that letter T is the Hihat and then the letter K will be more like a snare, like K K. Well you do it "T K T K T K T K". So you say T and then you say K, "T K". And the way you incorporate this when you get good at it to make it sound like (beating). So that's how you incorporate TKs which a very advanced technique that will help you get that technicality. Also an easy way to learn TKs since you incorporated it in between beats, an easy way to do it is with drum and bass. If you can learn that one two pattern of drum and bass which sound like (beating), you can incorporate TKs.(beating). Obviously if you get good and fast you can do it like (beating). So that's drum and bass but with TKs and if you can master your TKs then you can do more technical stuff that doesn't have to be drum and bass but an easy way to learn the TKs is to learn the drum and bass because you have the "one, two, one two" beat pattern and the kick and the snare and you have that gap to really practice your TKs.

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