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How to Beatbox Hardstyle

Learn how to hardstyle beatbox in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


"Okay, so, if you want to beatbox hardstyle, one way to do it, is always to half the bass and the kicks and you have to be really fast. So you want to do it like this, with this bass, the lip bass

*demonstrating lip bass*

and the kick

*demonstrating kick*

or you can use different basses like

*demonstrating other basses*

find it anywhere where they play electronic music, it really depends where you go because people that listen to hardstyle are very hardcore into the electronic music, so preferably maybe somewhere where there's a lot of rave music is maybe somewhere where you can listen to hardstyle live. You can use those two and remember to have kicks and go really fast. So that's how you do hardstyle, you go really fast. "

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