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What Is Hardstyle Beatboxing?

Learn what hardstyle beatboxing is in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


"The hardstyle, is a kind of electronic music where the beats are really fast and it consists mostly of kicks and lots of bass, and it sounds crazy sometimes, but it's really really fast and consists of a lot of kicks and bass and, y'know, compared to other music like dubstep or house music, which is a little bit, tends to be slower, and y'know even hiphop's a lot slower. Hardstyle tends to be fast but in that 1-2 rhythm of kick-snare, but it's mostly just kick kick kick kick, and it's really really fast, and, with thrown in, like, synths, and basses. So, it sounds something like

*Simple hardstyle beat*

So, it's a lot of kicks, and a lot of bass like

*Bass sounds*

And different kind of basses like

*Different bass*

And, that's how it sounds.

*Hardstyle beatboxing* "

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