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How to Win a Beatbox Battle

Learn how to win a beatbox battle in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


"How to Beatbox:

Winning a Beatbox Battle

Yo. How you win a beatbox battle? There's a lot that goes into that. You know what I mean? Like you there's and and just knowing where your who the crowd is, what they're looking for, what do they like. You know, what can you get away with. I mean winning a battle you know you may be better than a person and a person will come out and like and beat you with something simple. You know that the crowd just loved for whatever reason. And so like you know it's never always the way you want it in a beatbox battle sometimes. I mean the reality of it is that uh, how to win is to just practice and practice and practice and practice and never let anyone see that it fazed you whatever they did you know. Um, learning I guess in beatboxing now is like learning another beatboxing style and like being able to use that against them. You know um, you know trying to talk a little bit of trash while you you know while you're doing you know your beats. Um, but the reality of it is, the real true reality of it is you've got to win the crowd. You've got to win the crowd more than the other beatboxers did, you know what I mean? You've got to make the crowd scream and roar harder than what the other beatboxers did for you to win it you know. So whatever it is that you do don't worry about other beatboxers and what they're saying or if they say that's why. You test all your material out in front of the crowd. If the crowd loves that response, hold that you know what I mean and it's just like that's how you win it. You know you win by the crowd. The crowd will always give it to you. Doesn't matter because the judges look at the crowd you know what I mean? Period."

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