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How to Make a DJ Horn or Air Horn Sound in Beatboxing

Learn how to make a beatbox DJ horn or air horn sound in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


So now you've got the airhorn I don't know which like a lot of hip hop djs tend to do nowadays when the do like (horn sound) and they go tddd dj. So I call it the airhorn. Sometimes its overused but I just like it because its a good, its a cool sound affect to do you know just to do it randmonly you know you don't even have to do it between beats or incorporate it into beats you can just do it like (horn sound). Now the way you wanna do it is literally the same way you do the siren but you actually vocalize it so you go like (siren sound). So the top teeth touch your bottom lip and you wanna create that vibration (siren sound), but you wanna vocalize it (siren sound), so (siren sound), but that sound is coming from the bottom of your teeth and in between your lips to create that vibration (siren sound). Its the same way the siren is it's just a little bit different like the siren is like (siren sound), but you wanna vibrate more between the teeth and the lip so its like (siren sound), so you do the air form (siren sound), and that's how you do the airform.

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