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How to Make Basic Beatboxing Sound Effects

Learn how to make basic beatboxing SFX in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


The Sound Effects, the different part and definitely something to have fun with, or like an alarm like, and you know the Air horn, you know you can just have fun with the sounds. One sound that I like is the Duck noise which is like the K Snare. You do the K like, but you pull your tongue down you will make almost like a Quacking noise like, so what you wanna do is keep your tongue up there and keep blowing the air out on the sides, so the same way you do the K snare but blow the air out so you go, so when you're blowing the air out the things is you have your tongue on the top of your mouth. The air is coming out of the sides to make that little quacking noise. You can just a little creative like chicken like, you know incorporating to beat. You can also do it like laughing, like this is sort of like humming like you're doing the same thing as humming with the beat boxing but you wanna just instead of humming you wanna like "Hum-laugh" like, so you are like humming laughing in a sort of way if you can hum-laugh and then do the beat and you can learn to do that. You can use the sound effects and you know anything really like a helicopter like. That's like just blowing air out and using like your teeth like, like "chica-chica", sort of like that like. Scratching, obviously it's sound effects. My sort of scratching is like, I'm sourcing like, saying like, like, that sort of thing. You can use the kick as well for a scratch. The backward scratch. You know you can use this sort of sound effects which might take a while to learn but you can always just experiment. If you could try to imitate a sound and you can do it on your own way then you can use whatever sound effect you really wanna do.

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