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How to Do a Beatbox Lip Roll

Learn how to do a beatbox lip roll in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


  • Step 1: Using your lips Know that a lip roll involves vibrating your lips by blowing air out through loose lips.
  • Step 2: Using your tongue Use your tongue to cut off the resulting sound to create new sounds. Incorporate the sound with a kick.


So a lip roll or I call it, I think is more of a lip isolation is this sort of thing where you shake your lips and you vibrate your lips and I'll show you what I mean. You blow air out and when you're blowing air out you wanna vibrate your lips so it was like. So if I was just blowing air, I'm not pronouncing anything. Just purely blowing air fell like shaking my lips. You wanna do that like. So the way you do this is you use your tongue to sort of push air fast and then stop blowing air and so you do the same vibration that you do when you do. And you do it with a kick so it was like. Now you can do it in front of your mouth when you blow the air out like. And you can do it on the side. When I do it with a kick, I tend to do it more on the side because I tend to do my kicks on the side so it helps me out, so it was like. So you have that lip vibration blowing air out. So you do it with a kick. And ways you can incorporate this into beats and since you're doing it with a kick, you can just incorporate into the kick like.

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